Reading Black Woman Equals A Rich Black Woman

Reading is fundamental. Oprah Winfrey is known for many things and one of those things is reading. Oprah’s Book Club, demonstrates her love for reading as well as the tremendous importance of reading and the thinking. The new E-Booker reader craze, opens opportunities for more reading and thus more for making money. The next question is what are you reading  or re-reading? Oprah, reads a broad range of materials, but she spends a large amount of time reading material for self-improvement. Unfortunately, when it come to reading many women are consumers only, other than the Bible and maybe some T.D. Jakes book or two, most the the reading is around romance and relationships good and bad, very seldom do you find the reading on topic about increase wealth or personal development. Look deep into the life of any self made Millionaire, and you will  find a very common thread, reading, and not just any reading, personal development, is always on the top of the list. Most people have heard of books  like Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich”. The Strangest Secret, The Magic of Thinking Big, the Magic of Believing, but few actually take the time to read them, study them or learn form them. Thinking is paramount to developing Wealth, and reading helps to increase the quality of your thinking.

You Become What You Think About.

The idle mind is a playground for the Adversary. ” Perhaps you have heard this said, but do you understand the implication? When you do not guide your own thinking, people will guide it for you, usually to their own benefit and often to your determent. Billions of dollars are spent every year to get you to think what others want you to think. If you are not building you mind then is like a playground of just about anyone else who takes the effort to mis-lead you. the News, constantly bombards you with negative stories, causing fear and stress. Stereotypes, guide you away from opportunities, and towards self-defeating trends that does nothing but take money out of your purse instead of putting money in your purse.

Our post on being a author and writing for Amazon Kindle and other E-Readers, demonstrates the power of reading, but more importantly the power of creating money from your talents by helping other get what they want, and right now, people are looking for something, exciting, useful to read.

May it a point to start reading today! If you own a Kindle or other e-reader, do not just search for the free content that make you a Consumer, but look for information that can turn you into a producer, seek out information that will increase your wealth and improve your ability to think.

In her book Wealth Happens One Day at a Time, author Brooke M. Stephens demonstrates the need to start small, be consistent and grow your knowledge. Reading, is giant step in following those directions.

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